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Introducing Me (astudyintea) â™¡

Hello lovelies and welcome to my new blog! I used to run a blog called littletenko but couldn’t log into it and really, I needed the fresh start anyways 😊 So as an introduction, hello all, my name is Tala and I am an avid reader, k-popper, drama enthusiast and all around shy thing! I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll be posting ❤

Now to get on to what I’ll be posting  (or a general run down, it’s not everything I plan on posting about)!

  • Book reviews
  • Tags
  • Other types of reviews (clothing, k-pop albums, ect.)
  • Fashion posts
  • Outfits
  • Hauls, wrap-ups and so much more ♡

I will be posting every Wednesday, possibly twice a week if I have several things I want to post! Here’s links to all of my social media if you’d like to check them out (and yes that is a lot of instagrams, but I like having separate accounts for everything) 😊⤵

Instagram ♡

Twitter ♡

YouTube ♡

Tumblr ♡


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