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Yuri!!! on Ice Review ♡

My first anime review (pretty much it’s just me fangirling), I hope you enjoy! Also, who’s your favorite character? Mine is Viktor 😋 (PSA: I am not a good reviewer, I’m actually terrible at it, so I’m sorry for this being terrible)

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡/5 (really if I could give it a million ♡’s I would) 

Synopsis: After a crushing defeat in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final and other competition losses, Yuri Katsuki develops mixed feelings about ice skating and puts his career on hold; he attends college in Detroit before returning to his hometown of Hasetsu in Kyushu. Yuri visits his childhood friend, Yuko, at an ice rink (Ice Castle Hasetsu) and perfectly mimics an advanced skating routine performed by his idol: Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov. When secretly-recorded footage of Yuri’s performance is uploaded to the Internet, it catches Victor’s attention; he travels to Kyushu with an offers to coach Yuri and revive his figure-skating career. With Victor, Yuri aims to win the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating series against his rival: Yuri Plisetsky, a rising 15-year-old skater from Russia.

Review: Oh my Lord, this show is the best! Everything about Yuri on Ice is pure gold, the characters are amazing, the plot is amazing, everything is amazing (and gorgeous 😜)! At first I was skeptical, like I always am when it comes to sports anime, and yet again I was proven wrong 😅 I should’ve learned from the first time (which was Free and it’s also amazing) 💕 The routines were absolutely gorgeous, they made me want to learn how to skate even though my balance is sh*t and I would never be able to skate as beautifully as all of these characters did. And the relationships all developed just like real relationships instead of the insta-love that sometimes happens in anime (which I’m all for in some instances but sometimes it gets a bit tiring). This is the classic admiration-turned-love story that I’ve been looking for for so long and it’s done so well for only 12 episodes (praying for a new season) ❤

Now on to the characters, they are all so unique and full of life and it made me so happy 😍 Viktor is a precious cinnamon roll- ahem! I mean he’s such a sweet and supportive character, I thought they were going to make him a douche or something because of how famous he is but they turned that around on me 😅 He doesn’t see anyone as a rival, he just wants to make people happy and surprise his audience and it’s so refreshing 💕 And his relationship with Yuri is the sweetest, they are my otp for life! Yuri is such a sweetheart and his character was so conflicted at points that it made him very relatable (I mean all the characters are relatable in a way but Yuri resonates with me on a personal level) ♡ And Yurio is such an angry kitten that I love so much!! His anger is adorable 😾 All I’m trying to say is watch Yuri!!! on Ice, you will not regret it❣


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