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Astudyintea Recommends: Taeyeon I Got Love ♡

My first k-pop related post and also my first post that is not on Wednesday 😋 I had to make a post on this song and MV somehow because everything about I Got Love is pure perfection 😍

Let me start off by saying I’m still not good at this but I’m going to try my hardest to get my feelings across 😊 I was not expecting this song or MV to be something so sensual and sexy! My heart was racing and my mind was in shambles, I was expecting a dance track, which is something that I would associate with Girls’ Generation and Taeyeon herself but… I don’t know, the only way I can describe it as Taeyeon is showing us that she is a woman, powerful, gorgeous and absolutely sexy without a doubt. She showed us the other side of the kid leader that we all have come to know and love, and I for one am loving this other side of Taeyeon! 

The way I can describe the music video is that Taeyeon is Aphrodite, she is this beautiful goddess who is trying to lure someone into her chambers and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We are weak against the charms of this kid leader turned sexy and I’m just waiting to see if the rest of her upcoming album is going to be similar to I Got Love 🌹

Here’s a link to my new YouTube where I will be posting videos sometime soon but also there will be playlists for my song recommendations (titled tenko recommends ♡), so if you’d like to check out the MV please check out the playlist! 😚

tenko recommends playlist ♡

tenkoteatime (my new youtube) ♡

(Ps: I hope you enjoy all the Taeyeon pictures from the MV&teasers, I thought they would be a nice visual to show you how the music video is 😋) 


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