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Here’s the thing, recently I’ve seen some people (not going to mention who they are, and if you know don’t even mention them here because I’m not in the mood to be attacked by fans) criticising male k-pop groups, saying they look too feminine, that they’re ‘trannies’ (their words not mine, I would never say this to anyone because I know it’s a derogatory term and it’s rude as hell just wanted to put that out there), ect. And saying shit about people who choose to love and support those groups and also liking men who look feminine. It pains me to think that people can call these male groups ‘trannies’ because they may look feminine/wear make-up, what is so wrong with a guy looking feminine! People have their own preferences when it comes to men and women, but that doesn’t mean you can put down the people who love feminine men (or masculine women, but I’m focusing on the male perspective since I’ve had people in my family say things about feminine men). There’s nothing wrong with it and there’s nothing wrong with men wearing make-up either. No one has any right to judge you for your choices, in any shape or form, and it’s just extremely frustrating to see lovely people being judged because they love k-pop males who look feminine. 

And on to the other thing about loving men who may never know you and may never like you (on the k-pop front, but this works for anything where you support and love singers/actors/ect.). We understand that they may never come to know us, we understand that quite well actually but in the end we will continue to support and love them because these men and women have given us a reason to smile and get up in the morning. I mean hell, if I didn’t start listened to k-pop who the fuck knows where I would be, possibly depressed because I was heading down a path of no return, and k-pop saved me. It made me so happy to see these songs and music videos, to see them so joyful and smile through the tears. They made me who I am today, a shy chubby girl but I’ve met some of the greatest people because of k-pop! I will support and love them because they made me want to learn, to travel, to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, to be better so maybe one day I can be on their level and I can tell them how much they’ve influenced me. They made me sympathetic to others, they changed me and made me a better person, they taught me so much. I understand that they may never know me, that I may never get to show them how much I adore them and want to protect them, but I still do it because it may just seem like a desperate plea for their attention to you but to me I just want to make them smile. I comment on their photos to give them positivity and love because I know the hardships they go through, I may not know everything but I know enough about it to see that sometimes just one comment could mean the world to them. Seeing our smiles, our joy and excitement at their comebacks and concerts, tells them that they are on the right path, that their sacrifices were worth it. That all the things they went through put them in a place where they always dreamed they could be and they made people happy, they accomplished so much and most of the time they were only teenagers. They accomplish so much and they deserve all of our support, and you may not understand it but maybe you don’t have to. Just think before you put things out there, you don’t know how much you’ll hurt people who turn to k-pop as a form of happiness. I’m sorry for this being rambley and its probably not making any sense but I just wanted to say something. I want to use this blog as a way to reach people and maybe make people more sympathetic to the ones who enjoy these things. Thank you for even reading this far, and see you Wednesday for my next post.

                Stay kind dolls 💐


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