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Astudyintea Recommends: My Top 10 Must Read Manga ♡

I love recommending things, I don’t know why it just makes me feel happy to think that maybe I’ve influenced someone to listen/read/watch something after I recommended it 😶 Also, I’m sorry for the synopses being terrible, I’m not great at summarizing things 😅

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

This is a series that I read in my childhood, it’s extremely close to my heart and everything about it is sweet and also bittersweet, I can’t wait to finish reading it and collecting all of the new omnibus’s (?) 🌸 Here’s a brief synopsis: This story is about an orphaned girl named Tohru Honda who’s fate becomes intertwined with the Sohma family after they take her in (also they have this big secret and slight mystery going on) ❤

2. Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori

This is a series that I haven’t finished yet but it is still amazing, it’s a super sweet and funny shoujo (essentially it’s a romcom with more comedy than normal, I think that’s how you spell that). Here’s a brief synopsis: This series revolves around a girl who has to cross dress to pay back a debt because she broke an expensive vase that belongs to a host club in a very prestigious school 🌸

3. Black Butler by Yana Toboso

 Black Butler is an amazing, action packed manga series that can get complicated in certain storylines and completely hilarious in others (well the hilarious ones only last for maybe a couple chapters but they are great) 😋 Synopsis: This story centers around a boy who makes a deal with a demon to get back at the people who killed his family and he also works for the Queen as her underworld detective 👹❤

4. Cardcaptor Sakura by Clamp

This is a series that is purely sweet and cute and absolutely one of my favs (even though I’ve only read the first two omnibuses) 🎀 I love magical girl manga series, they always attract me with their cute outfits and adorable girls, they prove that girls can be strong and kick monster butt while looking cute 💕 Synopsis: This series is about a young girl who becomes a magical girl by chance after finding a box (?) that have the Clow Cards in it 🌸 I’m terrible at making synopses 😅

5. Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura

Skip Beat is my favorite shoujo of all time, it’s funny and sweet and super amazing ❤ I love the premise and the characters are amazing, it always takes my mind off of things whenever I read it 😊 Synopsis: A girl tries to get into the entertainment industry to get revenge on the boy who she loved and who also used her as free labor 🎀

6. Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

This series is now complete, I haven’t actually read the entirety of it yet but I love it a lot, it’s Alice in Wonderland turned dark and just 😍😍 The art and the storyline is pure perfection 💕

7. Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki by Mamoru Hosoda

This is such a sweet and sad manga series, the art is gorgeous and just everything about it pulls you in and breaks your heart 💔 Truly a masterpiece, I can’t recommend this enough 🐾 

8. Devils and Realist by Utako Yukihiro and Madoka Takadono

Devils and Realist is a josei, meaning it’s a manga series intended for older women (or men), and it doesn’t read like a normal josei. It’s funny and mysterious and all around just an amazing read to begin with, it’s currently still being released so you have a lot to look forward to in upcoming storylines 😊💝

9. Blue Exorcist by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist is amazing, it’s about a boy who pledges to defeat Satan after learning that he is his son and also after he kills the man he called father 💔 It’s a slow releasing manga series, so once you get caught up you’ll probably have to wait quite a while before the next volume comes out 😧

10. No Game No Life by Yuu Kamiya

(Yes, this is the light novel but this recommendation goes for both manga and light novel) No Game No Life is probably one of my favorite series, some people may not like it because of certain reasons but I enjoy it a lot! It’s a series about a boy and girl (brother and sister by adoption, that’s going to be something you need to remember) who are NEET’s and get transported to a different world where they meet different creatures and become the rulers of the human half of the country 💝


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