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Astudyintea Recommends: Ed Sheeran’s Divide (÷) ♡

This was recently released and it’s absolute perfection! I’ve never actually listened to Ed Sheeran before (except when he sang on the Hobbit) but I am just wondering how this wonderful human being escaped my sight for so long 😅

These songs are fantastic, full of different emotions (unlike some albums who like to keep one central theme), I would put a see about how every one of them sounded to me but I’ll just choose my faves 😋

  • Castle on the Hill – it’s such a nostalgic song, it makes you feel like taking a drive and remembering all of the things that made you you when you were younger 😊 Its probably my favorite song 🌹
  • Shape of You – love! this! song! Just, it makes me feel happy about my own size and just 😶😍
  • Galway Girl – it’s so sweet and makes me want to play a fiddle (and sing with KJ Apa, but that’s a whole other thing 😅) and dance around with people playing instruments around me (I know this is getting weird, so I’ll just stop) That is how this song makes me feel 💝
  • Nancy Mulligan – this song is so sweet with it being about his grandparents (maybe, not quite sure, could be great grandparents) and I adore it, it’s got such an Irish vibe that I can’t help but love it 😋
  • Dive – Dive is the type of song you would hear at a jazz club, it’s something that speaks to my soul and it makes me sway  (I know this is weird, don’t mind me)
  • What Do I Know – This song is a message to the world, it’s about loving everyone and saying that love could change the world if we allow it to 🌼

I’m not great at reviewing songs or albums (or anything really) but I hope you enjoyed my recommendation of this amazing album! Also, I’d love to recommend another song of his: I See Fire, it’s from the Hobbit and it’s full of such meaning when you think of the movie 😊 Below is a link to both my new youtube channel and a playlist that has all of the song recommendations I make on it (it’s called tenko recommends) 🌼


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