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LunaLoveByCorinna Rep Unboxing + Review ♡

Since I’m a rep I decided to share some pictures of my rep package, what charity we’re supporting and a brief review of her wonderful candle 😊💞 I’m also planning on making a video for my youtube as well, something aestheticy and showing off the candle (it may not turn out well though, I’m not sure how my camera will react) 😋

        What is LunaLoveByCorinna?

LunaLoveByCorinna is an small business on etsy that creates candle scents based on books, characters, ect., jewelry and light switch plates! Each month a portion of the sales for each item purchased goes towards a charity (each month has a different charity) so you know that not only is your money going towards supporting a small business its also going towards an amazing charity, isn’t it wonderful! 😊

This candle smells so good! It smells like apples, which is one of my favorite smells (my mom even loves it! So its mom approved 😋✅) 🍎 Corinna is such a lovely lady to work with, this package came so fast (which is a miracle because my post office is very slow) and the candle was undamaged! The packaging for the candle is so cute 💕 I love the image of the Evil Queen and the font, its so lovely! 🍏

This months charity is the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, their mission is to promote early detection for brain aneurysms by providing knowledge and raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors. They also work with medical communities to provide support for patients and their families, as well as help further research that improve on patient outcomes and save lives! If you’d like to learn more about this charity, check out their website!

If you’d like to order one of Corinna’s lovely candles, or any other product she’s offering, check out her shop here ❤ And when you check out use my code tenko10 to get 10% off your purchase 😊


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