Travel ♡

Vintage Daydreamer’s Travel ♡

I wanted to start a new series thing on here where I share pictures that I’ve taken while going special places (mall, flea markets, ect.) and share some things that happened on the trip⚘ I thought it would be fun and something new, so I hope you lovelies like it! 😚

This is a shop at the indoor flea market  (Alligator Jacks) where you can get a tarot card reading, the woman who runs the shop wasn’t going to be in till noon but I loved her sign 😍

After leaving I saw this while at a stop light, I wanted to stop and take more pictures of buildings but my brother was a bit sick so no pictures 😟 But hopefully this weekend I’ll get the chance to take more photos 😊

My purchases from that day, 3 vintage postcards and a ring (I also got some other things but you won’t see those till my end ofthe month haul) 💕

Closeup shot of my ring, isn’t it the prettiest lil thing? 😍 You guys are also getting a preview of some of my new feed on sootmajo, so I hope you enjoy these unedited versions of the photos 😊

Here’s my bullet journal entry (my first entry) for this trip 💐

My mom ended up telling me that while we were at this one shop a boy was staring at me so much that he kept dropping his phone 😅 That was a first for me (ps: you’ll probably always get a second chance at seeing my outfits with this series but I’ll always link the original post with the outfit on it)

I hope you lovelies have enjoyed my first entry into this new series 😊 Here’s the link to the original outfit post if you’d like to check it out 😚


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