Travel ♡

Adventure Time ♡

Another travel post from last Sunday, I had so much fun going around and taking photos and of course there will be some on my Instagrams so you’ll be able to see them filtered and unfiltered 🍃

People tend to stare at you like your strange if your going around taking photos 😅 It was so cold that my joints kept hurting 💔

It was so peaceful, I could’ve sat there all day if it wasn’t so cold out 🍃

This park has a ton of plaques about all the historical things that happened near there or at the park 🌼

A little cabin that you can go in and learn a bunch of historical facts while looking at some artifacts 🍃 Its barely open but it was nice to look at and the back area has benches 💕

Little flowers that grows out of the tree, but not in the place you would think 😊 They are so cute, and a little spider who was protecting the blooms 💟

Its me~ 😋 Decided to take a selca/selfie since I couldn’t get a full photo of my outfit 💕

Cutest lil swing, they had them all over the park so you can sit and look out at the scenery 🌉

My view while I was sitting on the swing 🌱

These little darlings would get really close as they were looking for food, one came really close to where I was sitting 😊🌲

A boat that came down the river as we were getting up to leave 💟


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