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A Heart’s A Heavy Burden ♡

Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite Ghibli movie (possibly my favorite movie of all time) so when I got inspired after watching the movie I decided to take Howl’s Moving Castle inspired photos (I’ll probably make another post once I take more photos) 😊 I hope you enjoy! Also, sorry that I didn’t post a haul & wrap-up for last month, the haul was too large and I got a bit frustrated because the video didn’t want to upload on here 😓 But I will post one for this month, if I get a large enough haul before that I will post it separately 😊


3 thoughts on “A Heart’s A Heavy Burden ♡

  1. ah i luv howls moving castle! your outfits are so pretty & creative ! i’m jealous, lol ♥︎ & oh ! hi! im jasmina & i recently just made my blog & i saw yours & was like ‘this girl is so cute & has the loveliest blog posts, I just have to follow her !’ ♥︎ have a lovely day !


    1. Thank you very much ♡ Howl’s Moving Castle is amazing, it inspires me a lot 😊 Hello, Jasmina! Awe, your so sweet ~ I hope you have a lovely day as well! 🍃


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