Travel ♡

Graveyard Wandering ♡

I love wandering around graveyards and looking at all the old gravestones and pretty much making sure there aren’t any mean kids knocking down gravestones (that happens a lot more than I’d like and its so disrespectful to those who have died and to their loved ones) ❤ I hope you lovelies enjoy this post, I’m trying to do cool things on the weekends so I can add more to my travel diary on here 😊

I look like a wilting flower because I was being extremely stupid and instead of wearing clothes appropriate for the weather, I wore clothes that almost gave me a heat stroke 😓😅

My dad and brother were playing a game to see who could find the oldest gravestone, I ended up winning since I found one from the 1700’s (I believe, I can’t remember at the moment) 🌿

My favorite one, I think ❤

I couldn’t get a clear enough picture of this one since the sunlight was behind it and put the whole thing in shadow 😓 But I did manage to get a butterfly in mid-flight 😊🍃

The view from one side of the hill (the cemetery was made on top of a huge hill) that overlooks part of the city I live in 😊

This was after we left, I finally got a picture of this gorgeous house 😍💕 There’s another graveyard in town that I hope to go to, if I get enough photos I’ll share them here 😄


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