Astudyintea Recommends ♡

Astudyintea Recommends: My Favorite Movies ♡

I adore movies, they are so amazing and beautiful 🍃 Which is why I decided to make a post on my favorite ones, I know a lot of them will be ones that people have recommended right and left but they’re my faves as well so why not 😋🌱

               Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle has been on my favorites list since I was little, and I will admit that I was totally in love with Howl (and still am, a little) and Sophie was someone I looked up to (I still do) 🌱

   The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another movie I’ve loved since childhood, the Nightmare Before Christmas became a sort of security blanket to me because every time I felt stressed or upset, I would turn it on and feel 100x better 🎃 I really connected to Sally and Jack and it made me feel extremely happy every time I watched it ❤

              Alice in Wonderland

This is a more recent favorite (meaning in recent years), I fell hard for Alice in Wonderland and I will never regret going down the rabbit hole and entering Wonderland since I found another wildflower who became one of my best friends, she will be the Alice to my Hatter and I’m starting to get sappy so I’ll stop now 😊🌼🎩

                   The Avengers

I’ve always been a Marvel girl, superheroes have always been my favorite things, and of course I’m gonna include a Marvel movie (my favorite) 😋 I can’t explain how much I love this movie except by saying, every time I watch it I end up rewatching it multiple times 😅

              LoTR & the Hobbit

My childhood was filled with magical worlds, as you can see by the movies I watched and the books I read, but these movies were everything to me ❤ I felt so at home with the elves and hobbits that it caused my dreams to be filled with imaginings of beautiful lands and magical beings and I’m so grateful to these movies for sparking my imagination 🍀

                    Harry Potter

Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Harry Potter is something that almost everyone enjoys at some point in their life, the magic that JK Rowling created just pulls you in and you never want to leave 😊 I used to be in Slytherin but now I’m a Hufflepuff and I love it so much 💛

                 The Corpse Bride

I love the Corpse Bride, my dad doesn’t enjoy it since they sing in it but thats what makes it more enjoyable to me 🌙 It reminds me of days when I rode the school bus and read Scary Stories, I don’t know exactly why it reminds me of that day but it does 😊 The Corpse Bride is probably my second favorite Tim Burton movie (its tied with Beetlejuice) ❤


Beetlejuice is such a fun movie (I know it sounds weird saying that when it envolves ghosts but it is), Beetlejuice is such a pervert and has such a crass? sense of humor that you either want to punch him or laugh at the way he acts 😅 Also, Lydia is the best ♥


Pocahontas is tied as my favorite Disney princess, she’s strong and is such a great role model for children ⚘ I wish more people would love her, I’m sorry for not much about my love of Pocahontas but its hard to explain how much I adore her and this movie 🐝


Mulan is amazing, another strong female character in a world of damsels in distress and I’m so excited for her live action movie, I just hope they do her justice because she deserves to be honored to the fullest extent 🌹 And I’m also sorry about not explaining more about my love for Mulan (both the movie and character) but, again, its hard to explain 😅


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